Features of Med Billing Soft

Med Billing Soft is truly affordable, highly functional, user friendly and customizable as per your needs

Our billing solution includes comprehensive features like :

Complete Billing Assessments

We provide the complete billing estimations and assessments including all calculations for copay deductible and coinsurance plans etc.

Claims management

We ensure you to have advanced claim processing, complete Denial management, claims submission and other features designed to help you stay on top of your patient A/R.

Integration with EMR/EHR and external system

We understand the fact that everyone wants a seamless workflow for their clinical ventures, so we provide a facility to integrate any of your external system with our billing solution very easily.

Code & Charge Entry

You can never miss any code and charge entry using our solution. We provide a crystal clear picture of all of the charges and codes entered in the system, with complete statuses.

Patient Eligibility verification

Our built in eligibility checker helps you to identify patients eligibilities and process complete verification.

Patient Payment History and Payment Processing

We track complete payment and billing histories of the patient, this helps in identifying false statements. We keep complete track of payments and their proceedings.

Electronic Remittance Advice

We also provide Remittance advices and appeals managing and handling facility.

Statements & Collections

We have included all of the statements provided by patients and other users in our system. Moreover we have a rich collection of Reports (A/R reports, follow-up reports etc)


We have also provided CRM features for making our billing solution more users friendly.

To do list

Get complete visibilities at a glance showing you outstanding items that need your attention for the day and provide you the live updates of the system, and guide you about the important upcoming events?

ICD-10 Compliant

Our system is ICD -10 compliant, helps you to code effectively with accuracy.

Cloud based solution

Med Billing Services is a completely cloud based solution which provides the facility of multiple user at a time.